Create Your Gift Registry

Setting Up Your Registry

Creating your wedding or other gift registry is easy.  

If you don’t already have a TableArt account, you will need to set one up; click here.  After setting up your TableArt account, you will be prompted to create a gift registry.

If you already have a TableArt account, click here to create a gift registry. (You may be prompted to log in.)

Once your account and registry have been created, there are prompts to add items to your registry.  While you are shopping for items to fill your registry, we have endeavored to make navigation straightforward so that you have a great shopping experience.

After your registry is set up, you may add items, delete items and change quantities anytime you like.  Just click on Manage Your Registry.

How We Manage Your Gift Registry

Every gift registry will be set up as what we refer to as a "Hold Registry." This means that, when someone purchases for you, rather than sending you the item or items, we will convert the amount of the purchase into a store credit that we will store electronically in your customer record at TableArt.  (The credit bank will not be accessible to you on our Website.)

We will update you on a weekly basis for each week that there are purchases from your registry. Each update will include:

  • Name of purchaser of gift.
  • Address of purchaser (so that you may acknowledge gifts with a thank you note).
  • Purchaser’s gift message.
  • Item(s) purchased.
  • Total amount of purchase (an equal amount will be converted by TableArt into a store credit).

Each time we send an update of purchases, the list of gifts will be cumulative (i.e., it will include all purchases since the creation of the registry). Each new purchase that we have not informed you about previously will be in bold, so that you can easily see new gifts.

For all Hold Registries, we will extend to you a 10% discount on your purchases utilizing the store credit you have accumulated in your registry—as well as any additional purchases if you should decide to "buy up," spending beyond your store credit.

If you decide that you would like a traditional registry where we ship items to you as purchased, please email us at [email protected].  If you opt for this kind of traditional registry, please note two things:  (i) any items that are a “special order” that are shipped to you will not be returnable; and (ii) we will not extend the 10% discount referenced above.

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