TableArt's extensive leather collection is produced by GioBagnara of Genoa, Italy and its sister companies, Rabitti 1969 and Pigment France.

GioBagnara was founded in 1999 by Giorgio Bagnara, who was joined in the business by his wife, Vanessa, over ten years ago.  Giorgio and Vanessa have built an exciting new global luxury leather brand.

GioBagnara, Rabitti 1969 and Pigment France produce only the highest quality leather home accessories, custom handcrafted using only the finest materials. GioBagnara is often imitated by other companies, but the imitations cannot compare to the quality and workmanship of genuine GioBagnara leather.

TableArt is honored and pleased to represent GioBagnara, Rabitti 1969 and Pigment France in Southern California. Our selection below is only a sampling of the extensive product lines produced by these companies, so, if you do not see what you're looking for, please contact us.  And GioBagnara can also create custom leather pieces, so feel free to contact us to discuss.

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